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Our IRON GLASS Cine TAIR-11A 135mm F2.8 is an old Sovjet Lens rehoused by IRON GLASS. It features a metallic 0.8 gear for focus and aperture. The lens is very well suitable for full frame format. See here what IRON GLASS writes about this lens: The TAIR-11A 135mm F2.8 is the most well-regarded Soviet 135mm lens. It is a very impressive telephoto lens, especially the updated version, which has an improved sharpness and better close focusing distance than the original Tair-11. The focus throw of approx. 300° is also particularly useful with this lens helping you dial it in perfectly in a smooth and precise way. The highlight feature of this lens is of course the 20 blade aperture! It’s safe to say, that bokeh is absolutely perfect.

Iron Glass Tair-11A 135mm F2.8 PL Mount

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