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Our current setup includes a cforce mini RF and cforce mini. Optional accessories include the LCUBE and OCU-1.


The new ARRI Hi-5 is the most sophisticated hand unit on the market, providing a reliable wireless camera and multi-axis lens control. Weatherproof and solidly built, it features an exceptional radio link range and unique, swappable radio modules for different territories and shooting challenges.



  • Multi-Axis Lens control
  • Powerful radio signal cuts through interference
  • Up to 100 virtual radio channels
  • Split-second reconnection time
  • High-contrast display


  • Swappable radio modules for different regions/situations
  • Three user buttons for personalized functions
  • Full camera control (including third-party cameras)
  • Focus knob adjustable to operator preferences
  • Focusbug Cine RT support


  • Fast and efficient new ECS ecosystem
  • Smart pre-marked focus rings detected automatically
  • Integrated NATO rail and multiple mounting points
  • ECS Sync App: easy software updates and lens file management
  • Customizable touchscreen user interface


  • Best rain, temperature, and dust protection on the market
  • Exceptionally strong materials and build quality
  • Intelligent, high-capacity batteries
  • A tool that can be trusted for heavy use over many years


  • Hot-swap battery technology
  • Modular hardware and upgradeable software
  • Non-visual alerts via vibrating haptic feedback
  • Adaptable to future standards and networks

ARRI Hi-5 Follow Focus System

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