The Sony FX9 is equipped with a huge, high-resolution full frame sensor that's supported by a powerful image processor to deliver quality beyond the limits of prior models, like the FS7. With over twice the surface area of 4K Super 35mm sensors, the FX9 delivers a wider angle of view and shallower depth of field. Here are some of the other standout features of this system:

High Dynamic Range and Massive Light Sensitivity

The 6K sensor downsamples to 4K for bigger photosites and increased overall sensitivity. Enjoy exceptional 15+ stops of dynamic range that capture every detail while recording 4K 4:2:2 10-bit internally or 16-bit raw externally (see Notes for more). With a base sensitivity of ISO 800 and a secondary High Base sensitivity of ISO 4000, this camera excels in extreme lighting conditions. Combine this Dual Base ISO with the built-in ND filters (a first for full frame) for superb exposure control. Use S-Log3 or Cine EI for full creative freedom in post production or experience a cinematic-looking S-Cinetone, which is tuned for rich mid-range colors, good facial tones, and an overall softer tonal look. It was developed with the same expertise used for Sony's VENICE cinema systems. Use this for fresh and vivid footage straight out of the camera without losing any latitude for adjustments later.

Fast Hybrid AF and Stabilization Tools

Offering Fast Hybrid AF, comparable to Canon's Dual Pixel AF, the Sony PXW-FX9 effortlessly tracks fast-moving subjects with tack-sharp focus and is supported by 561 AF points covering 94% of the image width (96% of height). Face Detection is incredibly accurate and can recognize and lock onto faces even when moving. Equipped with a gyro, this camera lacks in-body image stabilization but records movement as metadata that can be stabilized later with Sony Catalyst Browse/Catalyst Prepare software. You can choose the level of shake compensation creatively and get trimmed 4K results.

WiFi and Build Details

WiFi is built into the camera and can be paired up with your smartphone to watch footage nearly in real time. Control the camera remotely using the Content Browser Mobile. With a build very similar to the FS7 and FS7 II, the FX9 offers all the ports you'd need for a professional production: 4-channel audio input and recording for simultaneous external/internal mic use, two new audio control wheels, a multi-interface shoe for accessories, tool-less arm adjustments, 12G-SDI, and 3G-SDI for HD output to expand monitoring flexibility. It is built to be customized to your shooting style, whether it's handheld, waist level, or over the shoulder.

The Sony FX9's massive light sensitivity and tremendous autofocus makes it a great choice for documentaries. The S-Cinetone colors and overall beautiful depth of field capability of the full frame sensor also makes this camera a good choice for narratives. With adjustable frames rates for slow motion, high quality recording formats, and a solid locking-type E mount, this camera is very versatile and suitable for small and large productions.

Sony FX9