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The Arri ALEXA Mini LF is a large format sensor update to the Arri Alexa Mini that is now capable of recording up to 4.5K ARRIRAW to proprietary Codex media. This rental is for the body only. Key features include:

  • ALEXA-line image quality from a native-4K-capable sensor

  • Up to 4K (UHD) video capture in a variety of ProRes codecs

  • Open Gate and ARRIRAW recording included

Body Only. This rental is only for the ARRI Alexa Mini LF Body, which isn’t an operable camera without additional accessories. This barebones option might be for you if your Alexa is at a repair facility or if you’re looking for a backup camera. At the very least, it’ll need media and a lens to be operational.

Mini Goes Full Format. The ALEXA Mini LF utilizes the same ALEV 3 A2X large-format sensor found in the more robust Alexa LF, which provides low noise at its native ISO 800, natural skin tones, true colors, and 14+ stops of dynamic range. Motorized full spectrum internal NDs cut light in two-, four-, and six-stop increments without color shift. Please note, the Mini LF could be mistaken for the Arri Alexa Mini at a glance, but the larger full-frame sensor, left side media bay, and rear-mounted accessory ports will affect accessory and workflow compatibility.

Record Up to 4.5K ARRIRAW. ARRIRAW recording is now included out of the box and capable of capturing the full, open gate 4448 × 3096 pixel area of the sensor at up to 40 fps to proprietary Codex Compact Drive media. Straight-to-ProRes recording is of course still an option up to UHD 4K/60p or 1080/90p.

Production Workhorse. Features like two channel internal mics for scratch audio, MXF containers for improved metadata access, and High Density Encoding with Codex compact drives (not included) for shorter transfer times help streamline your production workflow.

Durable and Reliable. Designed for versatile use on gimbals and other applications where compact size and scale are required, the housing is built from carbon fiber and manufactured for the most rugged of applications. The ALEXA Mini LF proudly upholds the ARRI’s tradition of stable cameras that can be counted on for any shoot

ARRI Alexa Mini LF

SKU: 17
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